Mixed Media Imaging : Des Endroits Imaginaires

Crossing the Border

Crossing the Border

The photographic elements that comprise these images were all shot in Paris and the spaces I have created were inspired by my wanderings there. The overall textures are how I remember the city, as that was my focus... the ravages of time and weather on the limestone, the ancient cobbles, the crooked structures, the mysterious doorways and intriguing paths.

I have used watercolour paint in the making of the background textures, as well as in the blending of layers, and in some cases to bring back the dirt, stains, and soot that the city of Paris seems to want to wipe away. Paris is not meant to be shiny.

  • Print Dimensions:
    23 x 23cm / 40 x 40cm
  • Edition Sizes:
    50 / 12
  • In The Mix:
    Photography / Watercolour

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