Mixed Media Imaging : Des Endroits Imaginaires

Game Concept - Koi Pond

Game Concept Illustration - Koi Pond

For the greater part of 2011 I was working on creating a world and its inhabitants for a pitch to Sony Computer Games Europe through Liverpool University. Igor Goldkind was writing the script and producing the game. The team at Sony was quite excited about the ideas, however Sony had a few financial issues that year and unfortunately it went no further.

These scenes were created using my personal library of images shot in Paris, along with miniature sets and watercolour textures and clay sculpures etc... my usual mixed media approach. I was also contracted to design the characters, which included human and animal and otherworldly, such as a steampunk crocodile and an exotic solar punk bird.

  • Print Dimensions:
    52 x 80cm
  • Edition Size:
  • In The Mix:
    Photography / Watercolour

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