Mixed Media Imaging : Figurative : Pencil

A Sense of Herself

A Sense of Her Self

I feel that to draw, sculpt or paint the human form affords the artist the space to meditate on the subtleties of body language, hand gesture and placement and the most critical of all, facial expression. We become more self aware as practicing figure artists and most certainly more appreciative of those artists who have mastered it. It is quite simply the most challenging of all subjects.

The watercoluor textures that I have created and applied to these images are intended to help communicate the state of mind or emotional environment of the subject. I have tried to use the translucent property of the paint to enhance the delicacy and seductive nature of the image.

  • Print Dimensions:
    17 x 22cm / 25 x 32cm
  • Edition Sizes:
    25 / 25
  • In The Mix:
    Pencil / Watercolour


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