Mixed Media Imaging : Landscape : Scenic

Destination Unknown
  • Print Dimensions:
    38 x 11cm / 92 x 28cm / 122 x 37cm
  • Edition Sizes:
    25 / 09 / 09
  • In The Mix:
    Acrylic / Gold Ink / Watercolour / Photography

Destination Unknown

There is a little kernel of truth at the heart of these works amongst the paint, ink, photography and watercolour. It was extracted from the environment in which I stood, surrounded by tourists and traffic and modern day madness. The built environment then allows that truth to expand, to breathe, to speak.

For the most part, the photographic elements are pieces of Paris. Those pieces intially inspired some introspection and perhaps a realisation or two, and stories of wanderers escaping their comfort zones, trading them in for risk and riches.

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